BCO Dublin 2023

News June 28, 2023

The BCO Annual conference was this year held in the fair city of Dublin. The event held from June 7-9th, brought together industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals from the commercial real estate and office sectors. This year the focus was on shaping the future of offices, with an emphasis on creating inspiring and sustainable workspaces that foster community and well-being.

One of the key panel discussions entitled ‘Building Places that Inspire Communities & People’ highlighted the evolving role of offices and the increasing importance of placemaking in creating thriving workplaces. The panellists, including major developers, discussed the challenges of balancing cost and investment in placemaking and explored the integration of culture, inclusion, sustainability, and collaboration in design fundamentals.

Designer and architect Indy Johar delivered a thought-provoking session on ‘Working the Future’ during which he discussed the shift towards ‘deep work’ and its implications for cities and work infrastructures. He highlighted the changing dynamics of the work economy and its impact on economic geography, property rights, changing attitudes property investment, risk management and asset allocation. A very thought provoking discussion around the challenges for humanity that lies ahead.

Sustainability was a key focus at the conference, with a dedicated discussion on carbon neutrality. The organisers partnered with Climate Impact Partners to make the event CarbonNeutral®, offsetting the emissions generated by the conference through supporting carbon finance projects.

Several seminars featured notable speakers from the industry. Dr. Nick Axford, the Global Chief Economist at Avison Young, shared insights on global market analysis and thought leadership. Chris Kane, a seasoned professional in the corporate real estate sector, discussed his experience in creating transformative workplaces. Hannah Davis, the Director of Consult Services at Faithful+Go

uld, emphasised the importance of sustainability and ESG in asset management. Nigel Miller, the Managing Director of Cordless Group, provided expertise on IT, AV, and smart innovation in property construction and workplace design.

The conference also included a Cycle to Conference Ride, allowing participants, including Concert’s managing director Rennie Dalrymple to cycle through Ireland’s scenic landscapes and network with like-minded professionals along the way. Networking events such as the Golf Day, Drinks Reception, and the Thursday night party provided additional opportunities for participants to connect and engage.

Overall, BCO Dublin 2023 provided a platform for industry professionals to explore the future of offices, address key challenges, and exchange knowledge and best practices. The conference emphasised the importance of community, sustainability, and well-being in shaping the office sector and creating inspiring work environments.

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