Is being sustainable prohibitively expensive?

News February 11, 2022
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At Concert we always strive to exceed expectations, our values do not only apply to the projects we manage and lead, they are equally vital to our internal operations.

Sustainability has never been higher on the agenda for businesses and consumers, so for 2022, Concert is pledging to look at every element of our operations to rigorously reassess where we can be more efficient, less wasteful and overall, a greener company.

We began this journey in December 2021, by inviting leading industry experts as well as people from other sectors to share thoughts, ideas and inspiration.

We know that, like all businesses, we can do better and this is the start of our journey where we hold ourselves to account.

Please look out for our honest account throughout the year, of the challenges we face and hopefully overcome.

For the full summary of the ‘Is being sustainable prohibitively expensive?’ roundtable, download here.

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