Residential review 2017

News June 11, 2020



The focal point of this project will be London’s first sky pool! A transparent swimming pool, suspended at the 10th floor between to buildings, which is being shipped all the way from the US. Concert were instrumental in creating a procurement strategy that matched the client’s ambitions.


Part of the scheme has been delivered four months early. Concert supported this by identifying early, the opportunity to use MMC (modern methods of construction) to accelerate the programme. This has been enabled by utilising pre-fabricated wall panels off site, saving a significant amount of time.


Occupation of the building provides real data on PRS offers and responds quickly to bringing housing to the rental market place. Our team collaborated with client stakeholders, consultants, planning officers and contractor to deliver a price sensitive offer in a timely fashion.


  • 1,000+ units managed
  • £1bn construction cost managed
  • 10 new clients


  • Diversity of client base include new investors/developers and Housing Associations investment vehicles
  • Residential development projects now typically outside London Zones 1 & 2
  • New sources of land are being used
  • Further development of the PRS sector
  • Use of modular construction – saving time and money
  • Industry skills shortage needs to be addressed
  • Groundscraper concept – 6/7 storeys with larger footprint. This improves density and creates an enhanced sense of community
  • 2017 London Plan adds density to the edge of London

2018 | WHAT’S NEXT

  • Reduced Central London developments
  • Clients targeting Zone 5-6 for high density developments
  • PRS developments planned at transport nodes
  • New players emerging in the market
  • Smaller developers increasing market share
  • Government funded cost cutting throughout the industry, halfing the time taken to complete new build schemes
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