Utilities Management

We focus on cost-efficient and effective management with seamless methods of managing power and water supplies.

Our expertise in Utilities Management lies in managing and advising from initial site acquisition, right through to procurement, construction and project completion, on all matters relating to power and water.

We reduce the need for having a long list of consultants involved in the process by becoming the sole port of call for dealing with statutory bodies, as well as managing all water, electric and gas solutions on a project, providing a trusted essential link between each of these organisations.

For more information about our project management services please contact:

Mark Costello

What we offer


Supporting route proving exercises and capacity studies.

Project controls

Clear project reporting and risk/change management.

Briefing and design development

Always balancing creativity with cost.


Always obtaining the best goods and services for you.

Construction and delivery

Working with the ground team to manage communications.

Project completion

Working with the teams to ensure the highest standards are met.

Commissioning & in-use

Ensuring a smooth and first class transition to energisation.

Programme management

Strategic delivery of multiphase programs.